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Improve Your Herd Health and Your ROI With This Monthly Membership.

Dr. Cody Creelman presents the Cow Boss Membership, a unique program that provides cattle producers with actionable information, protocols and health systems to improve production and reduce cost.

As a Cow Boss Founding Member you'll gain access to monthly live trainings designed to give you the info you desperately need to grow to your business. 

Topics you'll learn about will help you in all areas of your production including: 

  • Introduction to the Beef Cattle Industry (production types, beef market, economics)
  • Brood Cow Management (BCS, breeding management, basic nutrition rules of thumb, cow performance metrics)
  • Heifer Development (Selection, puberty, feeding, calving, and special care)
  • Bull selection (Genetics, nutrition, common health issues, vaccines and disease risk, selection and breeding soundness exam, bull use guidelines)
  • Calf management (labour, dystocia, resuscitation, colostrum, new born care, processing)
  • Suckling Calf (castration, branding, vaccine, implant, dehorning, pain control, dewormer, creep feeding, common diseases)
  • Weaning, Preconditioning, Backgounding (Weaning methods, preconditioning, backgrounding vaccinations, implants, replacement heifer vaccination)
  • Nutrition (Ration formulation, rules of thumb, cold weather feeding,  grazing management, stocking rates, weeds, water quality)
  • Diseases (clinical signs, clostridial, respiratory, diarrhea, metabolic disease, repro disease, cancer, abscess, toxins, miscellaneous)
  • SOPs and drug administration (techniques, hygiene, biosecurity)
  • Parasite Control
  • Handling Facilities (behaviour, corrals, chutes, housing, pasture fencing)

These trainings will be recorded and stored in our online training vault where you can access and refer to them at any time in the future.

You'll also gain access to live monthly group hotseat Q&A masterminds where you can have direct access to ask questions and get specific help from Dr. Cody Creelman on zoom calls. 

As an added bonus you'll also have access to discounted 1-on-1 consulting calls with Dr. Creelman via Facetime. 

The Cow Boss Founding member pricing is only available for a VERY limited time and will not return once closed. 

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Membership is billed monthly.